SLANG Worldwide Inc. is a leading global cannabis consumer packaged goods company with a robust portfolio of renowned brands distributed across more than 2,600 stores in 12 US states. The Company is focused on acquiring and developing market-proven regional brands as well as creating new brands to meet the needs of cannabis consumers worldwide. SLANG is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol SLNG and on the OTCQB under the symbol SLGWF.

We have one of the most diverse and widely distributed portfolios of brands & products in the cannabis industry with leading brands operating in attractive growth categories.

As markets mature, and consumer needs evolve, our portfolio of brands expands to drive differentiation and premiumization. The differentiation of our core brands allows us to scale faster and broader across our brand portfolio.

SLANG Worldwide primarily generates revenues from:

  • Collecting licensing fees and selling certain product components such as flavoring concentrates/bases, packaging and hardware pieces
  • Selling certain non-plant touching products, such as our Firefly vaporizer

These products are generally sold to our brand licensees within The SLANG Network.

The SLANG Network is a combination of licensed cannabis manufacturers, distributors and ecommerce distribution platforms that sell our branded products in 12 US states, and in over 2,600 stores. It provides a capital efficient and scalable platform through which SLANG drives brand value creation. Through this network, we continue to expand our presence in both established and emerging cannabis markets around the world.

The SLANG Network is not a single entity from a legal or managerial perspective, and the company does not own or control all of our network partners. While many view our company simply as “SLANG“, our network operates through multiple local channels. The primary way that our products reach the marketplace starts with SLANG, which manufactures and sells product formulation bases and packaging to SLANG Network operations.

SLANG also owns the brands and is responsible for consumer brand marketing and sales initiatives. Our SLANG Network partners manufacture, package, and distribute final branded products to retail customers, who then sell our products to consumers.

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(1) BRANDED UNITS AND BRANDED SERVINGSThis presentation refers to “Branded Units” which represents the number of branded SLANG products sold at retail to a consumer - each Branded Unit represents one finished good.  Also included in Branded Units are certain products licensed to, or distributed by, SLANG’s brand licensees (the “SLANG Network”) and for which the Company provides marketing support and from the sale of which it derives income.This presentation also refers to “Branded Servings” which volume represents the number of times a consumer engages with, or experiences, one of SLANG’s branded products. A Branded Serving is a unit of measurement in milligrams (“mg”) of cannabinoid content delivered to a consumer. SLANG considers 5 mg to be one (1) Branded Serving.2) The exercise of the Company’s options to acquire Allied Concessions Group, Inc. (“Organa Brands Manufacturing Entity”) and NS Holdings, Inc. (“Organa Brands Distribution Entity”) and potential acquisition thereof is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable options agreements.